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Many golfers like to watch golf games, and also like to study the swing of professional golfers, hoping to play at the level of professional golfers one day.And many golfers use golf training equipment to practice their form, improve accuracy, and build their body while improving the skills.

However, it’s not just the swing that differs between pros and amateurs. The so-called career is actually a kind of systematic thinking and behavior. The field is cruel. The way of survival for professional players is to remain competitive. Maybe they are not the people who know the best swing or have the most beautiful swing, but they must be. The person who practices the most systematically and plays the most stably.


If we are just hovering at the stage of learning the professional golf swing by swing trainers, then it is destined to be difficult for us to play like a professional golfer, so what other skills should we improve besides the swing?

No.1 Hit Rate


It’s not that amateur golfers can’t hit good shots, but they can’t consistently hit good shots, while professional players can consistently hit good shots. That’s the difference in hitting success rate.

The fewer bad shots you hit, the more shots you save.

Therefore, the most important thing for amateur golfers to do is to improve their hitting success rate. No matter the distance, as long as the occurrence of diving, OB, etc. is reduced, it will be improved. 

No.2 Golf Ball Save Ability


As long as people make mistakes, professional players are no exception, but they can always save the ball perfectly and avoid danger.

Amateur golfers are most afraid of bunker balls, while professional players are best at bunker balls. This is the difference between the two in their ability to handle difficult balls.

Anything can happen on the court, we can never just play on flat ground, uphill, downhill, bunkers, bushes, etc. More practice on difficult lays can be of great help to amateurs, as it may save you several strokes in a game.

No.3 Emotional Control


Emotions will also have a great impact on performance virtually, and professional players can always control their emotions well on the court. They rarely throw a tantrum over a bad shot or get complacent over a good shot, and try to finish the game with a more peaceful mind.

Amateur golfers often cannot control their emotions very well. Complaining about others and being overwhelmed is the most common, which affects subsequent shots.

Learning to control our emotions allows us to think more calmly and play a normal golf swing.

No.4.way of thinking


Standing on the tee, professional players will have at least two batting strategies in their minds, and they will choose one after weighing the pros and cons.

Most amateur golfers have only one type, or simply have no strategy, and they can play whatever they want.

One side is fully prepared, the other side is basically unprepared, and the result of the difference is naturally different.

If you want to par and birdie like a pro, you have to learn their way of thinking, how to choose clubs, how to attack the greens, and so on.

NO.5 Earnest Manner


Attitude can determine the quality of performance to a certain extent. On the court, professional players face high pressure and high confrontation, which urges them to take every shot seriously on the court. This is what amateur golfers should learn the most!


Throughout the golf world, there are many golfers who have turned from amateur to professional. Even if they do not play professional games, it is a high-level learning method to take professional level as a goal to improve their ability!

Post time: Oct-27-2022