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  • Golf: A Training of Leadership

    Golf: A Training of Leadership

    There is a story in golf circles. A private company owner who likes to play tennis received two foreign bankers during a business event. The boss invited the bankers to play tennis and gave the bankers an experience. The tennis is heartily. When he left, the banker said to the executives of priva...
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  • Have you gotten several  fun ways to play golf?

    Have you gotten several fun ways to play golf?

    The golf media in the United States once conducted an interesting survey, and the results showed that: 92% of golfers surveyed said that they had made a bet when playing golf; 86% of people think they will play more seriously and play better when betting.   When it comes to gambling on gol...
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  • No matter who you are, golf is for you!

    Golf is a leisurely and relaxing exercise in people‚Äôs perception. In fact, it can exercise every muscle of the body without sweating, so golf is called “gentleman’s sport.” According to professionals, different from the impact sports in the gym, golf can adapt to much people. Un...
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