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  • The health benefits of golf

    Anyone who has been in contact with golf knows that it is a sport that can improve human body function from head to toe and from the inside out. Playing golf regularly is good for all parts of the body. The heart Golf can make you have a strong heart and cardiovascular system function, improve th...
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  • The state of golf

    Golf is the world recognized as one of the three gentlemen’s sports (golf, tennis and billiards), originated in Scotland in the 15th century, the 18th century began to spread to all over the world, and gradually laid the elegant, noble image, become one of the favorite sports. For most work...
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  • How to choose an indoor golf practice kit Expensive doesn’t equal right! Industry experts tell you how to choose the perfect golf supplies!

    A simple indoor exercise kit includes hitting mat, cutting net and tee. So how to choose a good golf supporting products? The hitting mat is one of the necessary accessories for indoor practice. The traditional large hitting mat is bulky and difficult to hold, and a single type of turf cannot mee...
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