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Golf is not an aristocratic sport, it is a spiritual necessity for every golfer


Humanistic psychology believes that the inner strength of human beings is different from the instinct of animals. Human nature requires the realization of inner value and inner potential. When these needs are fully satisfied, people will achieve a wonderful, peaceful and rarely achieved. state.

In other words, life is not only for survival, but also for the realization and fulfillment of the value of life.

Ren Zhiqiang once said in an interview, “Golf is not an aristocratic sport. Every golfer has his own spiritual pursuit. What he pursues in playing golf is a high-quality life appeal, which is not directly related to wealth.”

We take a little time out every day to use golf training equipment to practice our form, improve accuracy, and build our body while improving our skills.

So, how do people who fall in love with golf find their own spiritual pursuit from this sport and make it a spiritual necessity in life?

Golf is an aggressive sport that can last a lifetime. If golf is just a pure sport in your concept, then you have not really understood golf; when one day you find that golf makes you gain and enjoy physically and mentally, you will find that your life is because More pure and noble than ever with golf!

- Jack Ma

Golf is a sport with no threshold. No matter your age, or your height, you can practice it as long as you like it and have the conditions. Like basketball, I can’t get a dunk in my life, but that’s not the case with golf. Professional players can make a hole in one, and amateur players can occasionally have such luck. This kind of lure to realize a dream is not offered by other sports.

- Chen Daoming

I like golf and the environment of the golf course. Every time I go to the golf course, my sight is filled with green trees, red flowers and blue sky. The image without Fendai is very different from usual, and it feels more natural and lovely.

–Kai-fu Lee

In terms of sports and recreation, I play golf…it keeps me fit…it allows me to relax during the days of dealing with endless files and records…no matter how hard and busy the day is, I always At dusk, spend two hours hitting 50 to 100 balls on the driving range and playing nine holes of golf with a friend or two.

- Lee Kuan Yew

Life is not a material feast, but a spiritual practice.


In the process of playing golf, we pursue physical and mental health, pursue self-pleasure, pursue self-cultivation, pursue self-transcendence… Therefore, we spend our whole life in spiritual pursuit, exploring the advancement of life, and constantly satisfying needs , explore the inner value and potential, and finally achieve the fulfillment of life.

Post time: Oct-18-2022